Santé! La vie!

Santé! La Vie! is a TV show created and hosted by Krystine St-Laurent that shares simplified, concrete, in-depth information about natural health, and guidelines on how to live in harmony with our mind, body, spirit, and nature.

By exploring the wisdom imparted by Ayurveda (the medicinal branch of yoga), aromatic plants, essential oils and other wellness-related topics, Santé! La Vie! highlights easy-to-use tips that allows us to develop a lifestyle that nurtures and invigorates our vital energy.

What is the purpose of this TV show? To remind you of the importance of creating space in your life for self-care!

Season 3

The third season is aired on MAtv – Montréal and can also be found on Vidéotron’s illico on Demand.

For this season, Krystine is joined by Imane Lahou, a published author, well-known speaker and the director of the Holistic Health Experience at the Monastère des Augustines.

Season 3 dives into herbalism, spices, nutrition and simple recipes that incorporate plants in all their forms. We discover how to create a first-aid kit with plants, herbal oils and essential oils. In addition, we learn how to manage our discomforts by reaping the full benefits of plants and of nature. The goal of this series is to simplify health matters, to bring warmth and comfort, and to fuel our wish to understand the ways in which each person is unique, and how we can take care of our health, one step at a time.

Season 2

Joined by her new co-host France Gauthier, Krystine St-Laurent shows new methods of maintaining our health and our vitality by exploring Ayurveda (the medicinal branch of yoga), aromatic plants, self-massage (Abhyanga), herb-infused oils and essential oils. Krystine and France approach health matters from different angles, to present their viewers with a holistic approach to health and wellness. In so doing, France and Krystine meet speakers and panelists who are part of the team at the Monastère des Augustines de Québec.

Season 1

Krystine St-Laurent welcomes us in and starts the show with diverse co-hosts and collaborators (François Lemay for season 1, France Gauthier for season 2, and Imane Lahlou for season 3). Together, they inform and educate their viewers about easy, simple and efficient ways to maintain optimal health and a sense of wellbeing & vitality. The objective is to inspire us to take personal charge of our health in all aspects. Krystine St-Laurent also redefines the balance between conventional and natural health.

Furthermore, Krystine provides interesting historical links to the Augustines; the apothecary women who established North-America’s first hospital (North Mexico) in 1639 – now called Hôtel-Dieu de Québec.

Partners and Collaborators

  • Un Chef, Mon chef

As a proud partner of the TV show Santé! La Vie!, Patrick Desautels is a renowned chef, and the mastermind behind a great number of simple, colorful and fun recipes inspired by Ayurveda. These recipes were created to complement subjects brought up during the show. With his engaging personality, Patrick makes us want to take a stroll through the garden, and open up the larder in order to create inspiring recipes filled with aromatic spices and medicinal plants. Patrick’s love and passion for culinary matters is nothing but addictive! No one can say “no” to the temptation of cooking with simple recipes that shed light on important subjects touched upon during the show.

  • François Lemay: Season 1
  • France Gauthier: Season 2
  • Imane Lahlou: Season 3
  • Dr. Jean Drouin
  • Marie-Claude Gosselin, yoga Ayurveda expert, Osmose studio, St-Jean de Chrysostome
  • Marie-Ève Genest, owner, Shanti Massothérapie, Quebec
  • Danielle Belley, massage therapist and collaborator with INSPIRATA NATURE
  • Guests of Monastère des Augustines
    • Isabelle Duchesneau, executive director
    • Catherine Gaumont, director, Musée du Monastère
    • Scott Simons, president, Organic, and yoga & meditation instructor

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