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List of subjects

Calm + Nourish + Regenerate with Ayurveda and its Wellness Rituals

At this workshop, you will be introduced to the wisdom of Ayurveda, the medicinal branch of yoga. You will learn about the body’s natural regeneration cycle and familiarize yourself with a summer wellness ritual which will be complemented by a ritual to help you sleep better.

Ayurveda, Self-massage (Abhyanga) and Medicinal Plants

At this workshop, you will discover the ayurvedic philosophy; you will learn about the three doshas (VATA + PITTA + KAPHA), and you will observe the benefits of Abhyanga (an ancestral ayurvedic therapy). Finally, you will learn about five medicinal plants found in Quebec which are as irresistible to the palate as they are essential for cooking.

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  • Ayurveda and femininity
  • Medicinal plants found in Quebec and their relationship to the Ayurveda way
  • Ayurvedic wellness rituals: cultivating your vitality on a daily basis
  • Stimulating your inner pharmacy with the five senses: Ayurveda already knew how to…
  • Infused oils and daily self-massage: the 20 benefits you need to know about Abhyanga (self-massage)
  • Inflammation and digestion trouble: top 10 plants and spices that will aid your system
  • Your body is unique: learn how to create a simple ayurvedic ritual for yourself
  • Introduction to Ayurveda II (for those who have already taken one of our workshops or who have some knowledge of Ayurveda)
  • The ayurvedic regenerative cycle: 10 unearthed secrets
  • Vegetable oils in a wellness ritual: like liquid rays of sunshine
  • Discover the world of INSPIRATA NATURE: the use of plants, spices, and herb-infused oils infused with plants found in Quebec in wellness rituals
  • The wisdom of Ayurveda: how understanding your dosha can help you attain and maintain balance
  • The wisdom of nature: 5 plants + 5 spices for the digestive system
  • Creating a medicinal garden & its top 10 plants (their effects, their health benefits, how to cultivate, grow and use them)
  • Ten plants and spices to cultivate your vitality
  • The top 10 anti-inflammatory plants and how to use them on a daily basis
  • Five steps for a simple, invigorating, spring-time detox
  • Ayurveda according to the seasons: adapted, season-themed ayurvedic rituals
  • Creating a restful sleep: how Ayurveda can help you attain deep, smooth and restorative sleep
  • Introduction to medicinal plants, essential oils and Ayurveda


I had a fabulous day. Krystine! You are a very dynamic and inspiring presenter; you make us want to know how to better care for ourselves. It was a beautiful group, with beautiful energy. I don’t want to forget Danielle, who was very warm and inviting. A big thanks to all of us for this beautiful day.

What a wonderful day! Congratulations! Inspiring! Rewarding! An engaging host!!! All my senses were exalted. Wow! I am going to come see you this summer for your open house day, for sure!!!

I felt privileged to have met you, dear Krystine, and to have learnt by your side. You are a walking encyclopedia and you simplify the ayurvedic science in a wonderful manner. I can’t wait for your book and future events. Thanks for sharing so generously, dear lady! xxx

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