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Taking nature in through the skin: Daily moisturizing, self-massage (Abhyanga), massage therapy, scalp massage, reflexology Learn More

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Cultivated on our land with loving intention, in synchronicity with nature. #authentic #nature #Quebec Learn More

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Have you thought about taking care of yourself today? Self-massage ̶ an ayurvedic ancestral therapy ̶ offers countless benefits! Learn More

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To seize the essence of our oils… Our land in images… Where we produce most of the medicinals plants used in our herbal-infused aromatic oil

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Using your oils filled  with your beautiful plants helps me stay connected and grounded to earth and myself. In this kind of product, we find the essence of truth, purity and authenticity. Thank you for sharing it with us and keep on your good work!

Joëlle, Québec

I have been using the oils for more than a year and I love them all. With my Nez Zen,  my nose is well hydrated. The facial oil does wonders to my face! Pitta oil hydrates perfectly my hands when they are dry and brings me a feeling of freshness on my body. I also love the Kapha oil which improves my blood circulation of my legs. As for Vata oil, it’s wonderful at night after my bath to prepare me for a better sleep.

Louise, Québec

Precious oils that I love. I call my ritual Happy Trio Roll On for Yoga, Nez Zen and a massage oil according to my needs : Kapha helps me starts my day with happiness, Vata soothes me when I’m stressed, Pitta help me stay focus and soothes me as I’m a lot Pitta, Ayurveda Femininity pampers me when my mom’s heart needs it, facial oil bring softness and vitality to my skin .It’s a pure pleasure those oils made with so much love. I can’t live without it!

Lucille, Québec

I use the Facial Care oil and I simply love it…. I feel my skin is more soft and hydrated… a real joy! I also use Vata for my body, I love it’s scent,, it is so soothing. Your products are part of my night wellness ritual since last Expo Manger santé et vivre vert… I can’t wait to see you again for buying more products!

Marie-Joëlle, Candiac

I discovered the wonderful oil for cleaning the sinuses… everyday my sinuses were  hurting and since I use the nasal oil, I breath more easily and I have noticed that I experience less headaches. This product is a miracle for me for improving my quality of life significantly. Thank you Krystine for showing it to me at the Mangez mieux exposition!

Karine, Sherbrooke

Vata oil is my daily wellness ritual: Self massage with my oils after showering… Wonderful! Warms up my heart, help me stay balance and it is soft and smell so good!!

Isabelle, Kedgwick

Vata oil is a must in my wellness kit! I am anxious by nature and my mental is always agitated, this is why I’m always looking out for the best products and techniques for keeping myself as  zen as possible!! My Vata oil is precious because it helps me to calm down and stay focus instantly. It’s unique and soft perfume as well as the multiples benefits of it’s essentials oils are so satisfying. Results : I am calm, relax ed and my skin is hydrated, soft and supple.  Pure happiness to discover!

Nathalie, Thetford Mines

I have been using Kapha body oil for a while and I feel like it’s help me get started. I also like the natural scent of plants!

Julie, Québec

I have used the herbals-infused oils for almost a year now and  every day I massage my body with Vata oil at night and Pitta oil in the morning and it brings me a lot of wellness. I also use the Défripante oil (facial oil ) and the Nez Zen oil every day, now I can’t be without it.
Thank you for creating those oils to bring us wellness!

Nadine, Québec

What a pleasure to use everyday the Inspirata Yoga Roll On… put it on your wrist with an intention and  breath deeply!
Calmness, sweetness and all the richness of the medicinal plants  settles in me!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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